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Posted by: MikeIt, everything started levaquin for an infection that had (well, actually until – had to take high doses of antibiotics when he was 7 months). Shortly after taking the antibiotic, I noticed that my stomach is more irritated. This costume until my doctor ’ doctor ‘ integrated and was diagnosed with IBD (irritable bowel syndrome) and proposed to follow the Candida diet. (Hey, I look good naked!) made before my wedding — made me feel a little better, but still had problems with my stomach. When a colleague died at the age of 36, heart attack. -Hey! ’ t or fat! M 32 ’ and feel (probably of the stuff marriage?) through the heart, and I thought the ’ d get a quick review. I took a carotid artery scan and realized I had the dress, nothing serious. But what the hell? I have ’ status almost my whole life and stayed away from fatty foods, most of the time —, but my body told me it was the wrong way. They wanted to put me on a Statin-fat-low-power. I had 2 problems, 1) not ’ eat fat (except the monthly dose of Krispy Kreme) and it wasn't fat and 2) Don ’ believe that statins are the answer. Hmm, needs more work. My stomach feels much better a few free paleo diet troubleshooting guides years later, and I have occasional flare — so ’ had known all the tests that the human stomach: work, biopsy, blood. Diagnosis: “ and ’ wrong with you, you have absolutely nothing just a little swelling in the stomach, but we can prescribe some medications, antacids, if you ’ like ”. (Paleo people, the wheels now aren t turn ’?). This time my chiropractor suggested what to do is the opposite and a dose of HCl (hydrochloric acid) — your stomach does the same thing. It was Thanksgiving Day and BOOM! Immediately I felt better. In fact I would eat! Hmm, strange was not ’ but waited t ’ t address the fundamental problem. The necessary work. Then I read * drum roll please * paleo solution, followed him and got 100% better!I wish. Let ’ do the ‘ Scooby-Doo ’ Fileserve. I followed the paleo diet for a few months and ‘ a little more or less ’ makes me feel better. Belly there several times of the flares. I noticed that my sugar cravings were intense — that is hard to resist, honey, maple syrup, raisins and figs uh! Next I remember eating paleo, – sugar, and it was the worst feeling. In hindsight, the leg had a couple of things: too much ’ the sugar! (I have a fasting blood sugar level 100, non-diabetics, but not in a good way either). Christopher Williams (aka A. art. Squatchy) is a fan of paleo, educator, fitness trainer, wellness coach and amateur Cook. He worked in conjunction with Robb Wolf team. You have ever heard of paleo diet and was curious to know how to start? Or maybe trying paleo for awhile, but you still have questions or are not sure what the exercise program for you? Or maybe you want a 30-day meal plan shopping list to simplify things? Then the transformation is by Robb Wolf 30 day paleo. Inspiring story!I love how you ’ t won't let the paleo diet, even if you started the results, where it's not so dramatic. It was always and discovered to operate for you … love! His story is really interesting. I hope that the paleo diet for me works. I would try it. Thank you for sharing! With the views on Robb as a researcher and as a coach learn you how easy can diet, exercise and lifestyle changes dramatically change your appearance and your health for the better. Read more. .